Fitness Center


Personal Training

$40 per session

$145 for 4 sessions


We offer Personal Training sessions with our top of the line Certified Personal Trainers.  Our Trainers are certified through the Gary Gray Institute, a prestigious and in depth online educational certification course.

During the initial evaluation, your Trainer will gather a summary of your overall health history, goals, and other vital information, including but not limited to:

Heart Rate // Blood Pressure // Weight // BMI // Body Composition // Strength // Flexibility

Gym Membership

Previous Patient: $35 

Non-Patient: $40 

Previous Patient Family: $60 

Non-Patient Family: $66 

Fitness Plus: $75 

*Silver Sneakers Fit Plus: $60

Massage Therapy

$40- 30 min

$70- 1 hour

$110- 90 min



Our on site LMP, Kristopher Austin, offers a range of massage to fit your needs.

Kristopher is dedicated to personal wellness.  His healthy living is reflected in his calm presence and strong hands. Each session is unique and can be geared toward injury prevention and recovery, pre and post-surgery support, emotional support, shock and trauma recovery, overall health, personal growth and/or relaxation. 

Fitness Plus

Fitness Plus $75/month (8 sessions)

Fitness Plus is an assisted fitness program that allows the client up to 2 scheduled visits per week with a trained exercise coordinator. With Fitness Plus comes a full membership to use the gym outside the scheduled visits each week. This program is usually denoted for transitioning physical therapy patients and individuals who need physical assistance with exercise.


Silver Sneakers is a program for active older adults. If you attend the gym at least once per month your insurance will cover the cost of your membership. You must be at least 65 years of age and have a participating insurance provider. Here's how to apply:

1. Contact your health insurance provider to see if you're eligible for Silver Sneakers (Healthways) benefits. If you qualify, they will provide you with a 16 digit membership number.

2. You can then register for Silver Sneakers at http://www.silversneakers.com/tools/eligibility.

3. You will receive your Healthways fitness card and 16 digit membership number in the mail.

4. Bring your fitness card in to NWPT and fill out the paperwork to complete your registration.





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