Our Team


Craig Pigeon, PT/Founder of NWPT

After 28 yrs. of physical therapy practice I’m still awed by the ability of the human body to heal and how much can depend on our outlook on life. A degree from the University of North Dakota gave me a wonderful start, since I have been the benefactor of insightful teachers in numerous areas of patient care. During years of inpatient hospital care, I followed patients with severe illness or trauma through intensive care, wound and burn care, lymphedema management of cancer, traumatic brain injury, chronic pain and industrial rehab. Working twelve years with stroke, spinal cord and brain injured patients, and children with neurologic disorders lead to extensive training in NDT (Bobath), Feldenkrais and Motor Control Theory. Through these experiences I have developed a understanding of human movement. I have a life long interest in athletics, growing up playing and working on a ranch, enjoying sports at all levels from high school football, baseball and skiing to collegiate track and field.  Now I enjoy sharing the experience: gardening, skateboarding, cycling and backpacking with my wife, Nancy, and children, Claire and Sasha. The kids aren’t as thrilled by the physical and emotional benefits of yard work as I am.''


Joan Brown, PT

Joan was born in New York, where she earned her degree.  She was accepted into the US Army's program for a Graduate degree in Physical Therapy.  She served in the Military for four years during the Vietnam Era and was honorably discharged with the rank of Captain.  Following her service, Joan moved to California and started a family, never interrupting her joy of working as a PT.  She attended the University of California to work on her Master's Degree in Health Science.  She has been in practice as a Physical Therapist since 1963, and for 25 years she owned and directed her own Practice in Mission Viejo, CA. She has spent many years of continuing education to foster increasing skills in Manual Therapy Techniques.  Joan stepped into semi-retirement when she moved to Los Angeles to be near her three grown daughters.  Meanwhile, Joan's youngest daughter married and moved to Ellensburg with her new husband.  After a few visits Joan and her husband also made Ellensburg their new home.  Time is now spent enjoying their family, new home, 2 dogs, creating wood art wall hangings, and of course, those wonderful days treating patients at Northwest Physical Therapy.


Ed Eichelsdoerfer, PT, ATC

Ed joined our team in July 2017 after graduating from the University of Washington’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. He grew up in Western Washington and went on to attend Oregon State University, where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Athletic Training. Along the way he developed a strong interest in rehabilitation across the lifespan and decided to become a physical therapist. With experience in sports rehabilitation, acute care, pediatrics, and geriatrics, Ed has a passion for optimizing movement across all ages and helping patients return to the activities they love. When he is not treating patients, Ed can be found running, hiking, and enjoying the great outdoors.




Kristopher Austin, LMP & Personal Trainer

Kristopher joined our team in November of 2010.  He enjoys outdoor recreation including mountain biking, hiking, trail running and rock climbing.  He enjoyed bull riding and worked in heavy construction before an injury forced him into early retirement.  Kristopher discovered that his injury was greatly helped through massage therapy and physical therapy, which led him to his new career as a massage therapist and personal trainer.  Kristopher is dedicated to personal wellness.  His healthy living is reflected in his calm presence and strong hands.  Each session is unique and can be geared toward your health and wellness goals.


Sarah Peters, Fitness Plus Instructor

Sarah joined our team in 2014.  She was a national level gymnast who was awarded a full scholarship to the University of Washington and earned a BA in  Sociology in 1991.  She brings her sports background and true love of helping people to NWPT in the roles of Fitness Plus Trainer, Balance class instructor and Functional Aging Specialist.  Her short term goals are to become certified in functional aging and nutritional coaching.  Long term, she is  interested in obtaining a PTA certification. (Physical Therapy Assistant.)


Kristi Zollars, NETA-CGEI

As a competitive half marathon runner and a naturally high energy Virgo, Kristi first started practicing Yoga and Pilates to offset being stiff and sore.  She thought it would make her a better runner and help with the stress of raising kids, the loss of her father, insomnia and because she liked the music.  Many years, miles and fitness certifications later, when she is not showing her beautiful Great Pyrenees Dogs, she is instructing at one of her many teaching locations in Kittitas County; sharing her interest in mindful movement, the value of stillness and letting go of "perfect".


Office Manager


David Trimble, Office Assistant/ Therapy aid

As the newest member of the NWPT team, David has concluded his final year at Central Washington University by completing his internship here at Northwest Physical Therapy. His future plans are to attend a doctorate of physical therapy school. David knew since his first year in high school that Physical Therapy was what he saw himself doing in the future.

On completion of his graduate degree he would like to move back home to the Yakima Valley where he was born and raised to help out the community that shaped him into the person he is today. His hobbies are being around family, being outdoors and reading


Michael Dohrman, Office Assistant

Michael is an Ellensburg local who graduated from Kittitas High School. He received his degree in Clinical Physiology with a minor in Biology from Central Washington University in 2016. Michael has a passion for the fields of medicine and therapy and is determined to make a career of helping people using his education in the health sciences. Michael started here at NWPT as a student in September of 2015, becoming an employee in  October of 2015.  He is currently becoming a certified phlebotomist and plans to attend Physician Assistant school. As an avid outdoorsman, his  hobbies include hunting, fishing, and camping. Michael also enjoys recreational sports including basketball, football, and baseball.